The Snow Globe

You see so many from here,  the others seem so happy,  they radiate so much bliss and happiness. Sometimes it feels as if you stand right next to them, like you’re one of them. Just that, at the moment you look at yourself.  You dont feel that happiness, you don’t t feel warm.  You feel cold and alone. Then everything zooms out and you see how far away they are. You feel drops of ice on your face, you feel dark and murky. You feel dark and those feelings swirl and twirl and hiss at you like a ball of vipers. Why am I stuck in such a place,  you may ask yourself.  Doesn’t seem fair or logical to be this far away from others that seem like you are right there with them.  Then the hate kicks in when you see how that warmth that you dont have is wasted. The hate kicks in when you just cant make it.  The hate kicks in when you feel trapped. The depression kicks in when you want so much and you have tried so hard but its just not going to happen. 

Then you just want to disappear, but you’re trapped in this snow globe….


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