Given my loneliness

Given my loneliness, I prefer to take it. Given the emptiness, I encounter day in and day out I prefer my glass dry. Given my infinite amount of haunting thoughts, I prefer to fear the dark. Given the dark that I sleep in, I hate the light. Given the fact I am used to my own uncomforted feelings, I should never complain. If my eyes are accustomed to the dark, why would I wish for the light, that very light could be my downfall my blinding source of sorrow. If I hunger for love, should I not understand how to give before I understand how to take. Given my sorrow, where is my salvation. Given my mask of emotions, where is my safe zone, where do I remove my mask when the day is over. For the greed in my heart, where is my food, to sustain my hunger. For the beast, there are chains. For the hunger, there is food. For the visual, there is an image. For the observer, there is information. For the lost, there is a destination. For the explorer, there is a treasure. For the happy, there is sadness.  Given my confusion, my mind is clear. Given my frown, I am happy. Given my present, I await my future.


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